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Above & Beyond Handyman Services is one of the longest standing handy person services in the area. I remember when I established the business, I did a google search looking for “handyman services” there was only a few around and they were mostly franchises. At that time I had about 10 years in trade experience, so I decided to take the plunge and start my own. Now you can find that every Tom, Dick, and Joe has decided to jump on the band wagon, meaning the competition is out there. What sets us apart from these guys is a multitude of things:


Ethics is number one: Just do a good job! In my years of experience I think I’ve seen and heard just about everything- from guys just taking the deposit and vanishing, to starting a project and leaving for extended periods of time dragging what should have been a week’s work out to a month (or even 6 months), to contractors just not returning calls or wanting to come back and fix something as simple as a leaking sink trap after they finish a kitchen and its discovered by the customer. We have never and will never find ourselves in this category.  Our craftsmanship is guaranteed for at least one year after the job is completed (and that is the law by the way).


Communication is key: Just doing what you said you would do, being honest and transparent. I cannot tell you how many times I show up for an estimate and the customer says, “I’m just glad you showed up, I’ve called a bunch of different companies and they never show up”. If I am going to be 5 minutes late for an appointment, I give the customer a call and let them know. Another thing that I know often happens is if there is extra work, the customer gets hit with extra unexpected charges at the end of the job. WE NEVER DO THIS- We all have cell phones (with cameras) nowadays, and we communicate things immediately with our customer when we figure something out. I couldn’t have guessed that there were rotted studs behind your bathtub, and I certainly didn’t include that in the bid- but as soon as we open the wall up and find them we IMMEDIATELY snap a picture and call the customer to let them know the situation, and we get it resolved (usually at a discounted rate as well, just to keep the cost as close to the estimated price as possible). There has never and will never be a time when you will receive a final invoice that is higher than the price you expected!


The quality of our team: A business is only as good as the people working in it.  Working in people’s homes requires a lot of trust and I take that very seriously. I do not want to have anyone on my team who I wouldn’t trust in my own home. I make sure I am working with the right people who I know I can trust to put into your home. Our screening process when hiring our staff is thorough and pointed.

These are just a few of the major reasons we have been able to sustain our business for the long haul, and build such a great customer base. There are many more reasons you will want to work with us, give us a call and you will see that we have separated ourselves from the pack. Let us earn your trust, and join more than a thousand other customers who call us their go-to handyman service.

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