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“I recently had fascia metal blow off in a storm exposing my home to water damage. Above & Beyond came and had my home buttoned up that day, thanks again!”

Randy in Irwin, PA

“Water damage ruined my kitchen ceiling, and I didn't have much to spend for a repair, Paul and his team made it out despite being on a big job already and had it fixed cheaply within the week, I couldn't ask for anything more.”

Barney of Pittsburgh, PA

“I'm not much of a hands on person with alot of time, and it seemed silly, but I needed holiday decorations done and I knew I would botch something. You guys came out and did everything the way I envisioned it and treated it like it was your #1 project, that is hard to find.”

Adam of Monroeville, PA

“One of my tenants had a water leak in the  bathroom. I needed it fixed and fast, they came out and found major problems, but still had it done within 2 days and extremely cost efficiently despite the extensive issues found, one in a million guys!”

Beverly of Shaler, PA

“I purchase real estate and turn it over, Paul and his team took a house that needed completely gutted and made it into a fully renovated unit for me. They worked with me on every alteration with ease through the job, I will be using them for my next flip for sure.”

Greg of Pitcairn, PA

“My grandfather passed away, and amongst dealing with that I needed to deal with the estate. Above & Beyond came out and took care of a laundry list I had to have done to sell the home. They took that extra stress off my shoulders, and for that I am truly grateful.”

Amy of McKeesport, PA

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